Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Drill press Tool Caddy

I've been using Grandpa Carbone's drill-press since I inherited it about 25 years ago. It's a Craftsman, King-Seeley from the early 50's made right here in Michigan.The War supplied a huge amount of over capacity and I suppose this was one of the results.

I had over the years duck taped the minimum required tools to the vertical post and finally decided to make it right.

The minimum requirements are:
  1. Oil can
  2. Three sizes of deburing bits
  3. Center drill
  4. Set of 4 inch calipers

I milled it out of 30lb tooling foam on my Sherline CNC mill.

FYI, Here is my CAD dwg.

I machined a clamp for the back side and secured it with screws.

Sherline Lathe - Hand Wheel Extension

I added a hand wheel extension. I kept increasing the dovetail wedge pressure until I couldn't hardly turn the wheel so I was forced to get more leverage.

I think that the increased wedge pressure is essential for accuracy and the longer lever arm is great for tiny movements.