Sunday, December 28, 2014

Grinding Fixture for Handle End of Awl

I am making small runs of a custom Awl for shoe making and the least critical operation can be hard to get done in a proper manner.
After the last batch of 80 I decided to make a small fixture to use on the disc grinder.

As we know the disk grinder is a very dangerous tool. It spins so quietly and can be such a monster if not treated with great respect.

That was part of my motivation, I needed a fixture that would allow me to concentrate on the operation.

This was a fun project in that I got to use my Old School Drafting techniques and tools.

The finished project needed to be low to the grinder table and get close to the edge of the disc.

The other requirement was to grind 4 sides which without the fixture is just a wild guess.
 In position for grinding...
The steel axis rotates the square alum to the next position.

The grinding angle is about 3 deg. so for now I just eye-ball it.