Friday, August 7, 2015

Shereline Lathe - Dremel Grinder, Dressing Attachment

One of my most viewed posts of all time is the Dremel grinder attachment post.
As of today I completed another piece of the puzzle; a dressing attachment.
I had been trying to figure it out for a while and when the Dremel drill chuck project came along I decided to get to it.

Since the Dremel moves with the cross slide the dresser had to be fixed to the bed somehow.

This design is fast and easy to set-up and take-down.

One element with my angled Dremel motor attachment is getting the grinding wheel aligned with the spindle axis, once this is done the dresser can do it's job. Although the wheel is spinning up against the diamond dresser the passes that are very light 0.001 or less per pass.

This thing is surprisingly easy to make now that I have figured it out for you.
I was not sure that the finished product (shaft grinding) could tell the difference but the Drill chuck project Proved that the finish after dressing is substantially smoother.

Shereline - Dremel Drill Chuck Attachment

For years I've struggled with chucking 60 and smaller drills in a drill press so when I got a spare Dremel chuck I decided to make a shaft for it that could be mounted to any drill press in the shop.

I started out trying to obtain a Die for the unusual thread size 9/32 - 40; although they are available not a single source in the States had them on hand, only from the UK.

After another week of "not wanting to buy" a $30 die I realized that all I needed was a old or worn out Dremel to scavenge the shaft from. I had an old Fordam like cable that I had not used in 25 years and decided that I would sacrifice it.

Any drill chuck that is not ultra precision is not concentric with its shaft and the Dremel falls into that category.

After removing the shaft from the cable I mounted it to the lathe like so.

Using a 1/8 dowel pin I got the setup as close to Shereline perfection as possible.

After rough cutting I used my Dremel grinder (one of my most popular posts of all) to get the shaft tru, and a half under 0.250.
In order to get the result I was looking for I had to finally make a wheel dresser for the Dremel.

So now I'm going to look for another junk Dremel to get the shaft from as a spare.